Matt and Erin's Wedding


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Our Story

Erin and I started talking through I had poor timing because as soon as Erin and I started chatting, she went on a trip to China for a wedding. I thought, “Ok. That’s cool. She’ll probably forget about me and I won’t hear from her again.” I was wrong. The day after she got back, Erin reached out to me. We shot messages back and forth for ten days (according to Erin) before I asked her to lunch. I was at work one day and I thought that meeting for lunch was a good idea. I decided to go to Red Robin Burgerworks since it was close to my work. I showed up a few minutes early so I sat on a bench outside to wait for her. I saw her drive by as she was looking for a parking spot. At this point, I was pretty excited. I waited for her to park. She got out of her car and came my way. I went from excited to nervous in no time flat. I thought Erin was just that beautiful. Needless to say, the date didn’t go all that well because I couldn’t maintain eye contact and I was nervous to the point that I couldn’t keep the conversation going. When we left, Erin was nice enough to give me a kiss. I thought that was a pretty big win considering the poor initial meeting. Luckily for me, she agreed to a second date a week later. I decided to take her to Dave & Buster’s to help liven up the mood. This time, I didn’t feel nervous. We had an excellent time and I like to say that Erin fell in love with me that night. The rest has been history because I haven’t let her go. She’s been a strong woman for me and we’ve both helped each other grow both individually as well as within our relationship.

Matt Johnson

Matt and Erin Proposal

Our Proposal

I proposed to Erin at the Royal Gorge. To me, the bridge signified the passage from one life to another with the beautiful woman I love. She said yes and she joined me in crossing the bridge.

A special shout out to Mike and Jennifer Hernandez for being a part of our special day.  

Wedding Venue
Cielo at Castle Pines

485 West Happy Canyon Rd
Castle Rock, CO 80108

Sunday, October 14, 2018
Ceremony begins at 4:30pm
Reception immediately after ceremony

Attire: Semi-Formal (no jeans)

    Bride's Wedding Party
  • Amanda Beard
  • Courtney Bird
  • C.C. Catanzaro
  • Dina Mouasher
  • Alexis Hoeller
    Groom's Wedding Party
  • Brandon Bluhm
  • Mike Hernandez
  • Cody Little
  • Gary Mitchel
  • Michael Parker

Erin and Matt B&W
Wedding Events

Additional Wedding Events

  • Rehearsal Brunch
  • Open Invite to Golf at Murphy Creek Golf Course - TBD
  • Other Activies - TBD
Erin and Matt #46